Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Living Cross!

The life, the life inside the Cross-
the wonderment thereof!
One of the very pillars of
the blueprint of our Love!
God, Himself, made just One Way
for new life to begin:
without the shedding of His blood
we'd still be bound in sin!
But Jesus, Jesus Christ alone
has made for each a way:
He is the Truth, He is the Life,
He is the ONLY Way!
He, alone, bore torture and He
bore the crucifixion;
in Him is healing from all pain,
all bondage and addiction!

The Life, the Cross, the Lord alive-
forever do we sing!
The grave, it is now powerless
and earth has lost its sting!
Jesus Christ the Conqueror,
Jesus Christ the King!
He is Life ago and now:
eternal is His Being!

He's out of the grave and into the life!
I'm out of the dark and into the Light!!

How about you?  Does Jesus mean that much in your life?  He loves you so much!  Won't you give Him your life?  He can do more with it than you can!

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