Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rock Springs

" glorious is the view!"
Is that how you feel when you look around, or do you go about your day without even noticing your surroundings?

Mtn. Range--how far away?
Awe and splendor on display!
So many verses would it say.
What a grand and glorious day!

'Tween us be the loads of freight.
Lines of cars in number great!
Trains a-many going west-
again, the vision to be blessed!

Open land of life devoid?
NO WAY!  The scenery enjoyed!
And praise unto Creator God-
by Him continue to be awed!

How far away the view?  It doesn't matter when You know the Creator and enjoy His creation!  Take time, make the time, to savor the sights that only His hand can make!  His touch is everywhere.

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