Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quiet by force?

In a the quiet...
always by desire?
Shut away from busyness,
shut in to acquire;
schedules have had all of me
since I remember not...
but God, He now has all of me
here in this 'empty' spot!

In the silence deafening
there is a healing word!
Even when He 'says' no thing,
such life is clearly heard!
In that place of 'nothing' it is
filled with Jesus Christ!
There is life to be obtained
that cannot be priced!

It then becomes 'desire' to
be in this 'empty' place!
It is filled with God Himself,
it is filled with grace!
Healing revelation to be
needed now and then;
to be here in His Presence, I am
blessed among all men!

In a quiet place...can you stand to be in a place where there is one... silence?
So often, it is when I make the effort to be in that place that God shows up.  It is in that place where it is He and I alone that He gives me words to write.  Not every time, but so often!
Go there!  Turn off the TV, the music, the ________ and spend the time listening.
Jesus WILL meet you there!

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