Saturday, February 16, 2013

On my face...

Alone with God.
Away from appointments, issues, assignments...and all distractions.
Listening to that still, small voice...

I listen to mine inner soul-
the "HALLELUJAHS" freely roll
unto the heights above.
The basis of that endless song
is the fact that I belong
unto the King of Love!
For even when no one is near
I listen and distinctly hear
the choruses so grand,
as He Whose love is without peer
whispers softly in my ear
and reaches out His hand.

The very heights, for they proclaim
the holiness of His great Name,
the wonders of His grace!
For such, I scale the utmost height
and enter into glory Light
as I am on my face!!

Go there!  Be alone with God.  That place is NEVER far away, and God is always there to meet with us.

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