Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not without You!

"O come to me, accompany.
All I can be I want to be,
but that can never, ever be
without You, Lord, inside of me!

I am what I am, oh God.
You look at me and You applaud!
You strengthen and empower me
to, then, be all that I can be!
But God, oh Father God, it's YOU
that anything at all I do!
The glory, it is all Your own
if any in my life is known!

Unless, Lord, You accompany,
I cannot know victory.
Appoint, anoint my steps the same
and I will glorify Your Name!
For You are worth this life and more!
I worship You and I adore
Your love...Your life...Your every way!
Accompany me, Lord, every day!"

Accompaniment by Almighty God Himself.
It happens as I, as WE submit and allow Him to direct our steps. 
He knows what it takes to set our paths aright and cause all that we do to bring Him glory.
Can you allow that?

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