Sunday, February 10, 2013


In a meeting with about 100 other men.
Listening to men encounter, encourage and enable other men.
It must happen often in this life.  Though some are too 'macho' to admit it, we all need each other to encourage each other and become better husbands...fathers...

"Return to pure integrity, o man!
For great and mighty is His holy plan!
So few be 'proofs' of manhood in this day-
so real, His example in the Way!

Step up, o man!  Your calling, it is sure!
Your principles and motives must be pure!
Yourself-the biggest obstacle to be.
Step up!  Christ's example be the key!

"Rise up, o man!" the exhortation lives.
Cling to Jesus and the life He gives!
Cling to Him Who is the only Way!
Then, surely, to become a 'man' this day!"

Remember this, men.
And you ladies reading this: pray for us!  We need it constantly!  And if the man in your life is nowhere near the example shown here, pray for him too!  He needs it.  We need it!

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