Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jesus Never fails!

"Oh Lord, You never fail me,
though often I fall short.
Though I not always am the best
You would, this man, exhort!
You look at me with pride as You
give favor to this man!
You never fail me, Lord; for You
have got a perfect plan!

I do not understand this but
Your love continues on!
Your faithfulness is not compared;
Lord, You are NEVER gone!
I know that You are with me as
I'm following Your lead.
I promise, o my Lord, that Your Word
I will always heed!

So faithful and so loving,
so perfect and so true!
Lord Jesus, I'm so very glad
that I'm aligned with You!"

Though we fail Him at times, He will never fail us!  It is not in His character.
Oh, to be like Jesus.  It's more than a song, it's the cry of the heart!

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