Sunday, February 3, 2013


Holy, holy, holy-
Jesus Christ alone!
His glory and His majesty-
nothing greater known!

Holy, holy, holy-
praises never cease!
Lift your arms...lift your heart...
everything release!

Holy, holy Jesus Christ-
Lord and God alone!

All of life's requirements
in Himself be known.
And give-He gives Himself so freely
unto one and all.
Will you be in that number
responding to His Call?

Holy, holy, holy...
and we can be the same!
Take Him as your Life and death
and live inside His Name!
Through trial and through triumph
He is alive and living;
that holiness that is Himself
He gives and He is giving!

I am called to be holy.  You are called to be holy.
We are called to a level of holiness that may cause us to be uncomfortable in this world.
It can only be done in Him.
Are you up to it?

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