Sunday, February 17, 2013

He is Almighty God!

He is Almighty God---Who is Creator of that to continually amaze!
How hard do you have to look for Him?
May it be true for each of us that we must merely open our eyes, shut our mouths, and accept that fact that He is right before our eyes.

Him Who stills the wind and waves,
Him, whom the very storm behaves,
Him Who, my very soul, saves,
He is Almighty God!

The blessed words He has to say,
The storm and sea, they both obey!
He is the Truth, the Life, the Way—
He is Almighty God!

The Bringer of the rising sun,
The Person in “Thy will be done;”
The Trinity contained in One—
He is Almighty God!

My heart, with Him, it is in tune;
He’s coming soon and very soon!
But with me now does He commune—
He is Almighty God!

Back to basics?  Some would say.  But there is no more beautiful truth than taking a moment away from everything and recognizing, acknowledging the fact that God is and He is right before your eyes!
Enjoy Him!

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