Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great and beautiful!

Father God is everywhere!
When you realize this truth, life becomes so beautiful!

"Great and beautiful You are,
oh God, my Father God!
My soul to You shall be always,
its melody so broad!
As I see the open land
my vision is of You!
And always is Your mighty hand
at work in such a view!

I can't see the beginning or
the end of this delight!
O my God, I lose myself
as I behold Your sight!
The rolling hills...the ivory hills...
the canyons and the plain...
teach me, constantly, the words
I must have to explain!

But Father, are there even words
to capture Your creation?
Even You, Yourself, remain
beyond interpretation!
Great and beautiful You are,
forever and always--
and I will write to glorify You
each and all my days!"

The beauty of the Lord.  For some, it may take effort to acknowledge, but He is everywhere at all times!  LOOK AROUND!
What a blessing life becomes when we become so in touch with Him!

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