Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grace so heavy!

I was in a meeting over the weekend and the speaker used the term "heavy grace."
As often happens, I immediately wrote those two words down.  I knew that I had to ponder them at a later time.
Upon reflection this morning, here is what the Spirit said:

Your grace--so very heavy...
my Lord, I cannot bear!
I need Your Spirit for to grasp
the fullness that You share!
Higher than the mountains...
deeper than the sea...
but God, BUT GOD, Your grace- far more
than parables that be!!
And grace-so very necessary
all throughout this life!
Your grace-that vehicle that transports
me through every strife!
That grace-and nothing else to warrant
all the life I know...
unto no other source can this man
ever even go!

Your grace--the poet cannot know
the wonder of it all!
I reach the yonder plateau and then
further would You call!
"gracing" for the task...
for more than that which You provide
man cannot even ask!

Have you experienced that "grace so heavy" in your life?  If we are devout, that time comes often.  We must have DIALOGUE with the Holy Spirit.  Not MONOLOGUE!  Converse with Him!  Yes, pray...but don't just say 'amen' and off you go!  Allow enough time for Him to answer back!  Converse with Him!
It's all availed in His Grace!

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