Sunday, February 3, 2013

Eternal Love

What is there to endure the age
save everlasting love?
Vain and empty promises
the world is so full of!
There is a place, there is a Person
unto Whom we turn-
in His mighty Presence there
is oh so much to learn!

Everlasting love exists
and unto one and all!
See Him, know Him, cling to Him,
He will not let you fall!
He is the One, Jesus the One,
His arms are open wide!
He calls for you to learn of Him,
come to Him, step inside!

None other to endure the age-
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
His grace, His blood, His wondrous love,
unto you to afford!
Yes, the Son of God endures
and you can do the same!
Only set yourself aside
and cling to His great Name!

The power of His Name!
The power of His Blood!
The power of His Word!
The awe and spectacle of His very Presence!
All for us because of Love.
Know Him as your Savior.

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