Saturday, February 2, 2013

60 years!!

Wow!  That's a long time!

How many are the decades?
I've been around for most.
For most of them, (so filled with love,)
with us you've been engrossed!
Seeming for to strike a balance
very few yet find;
we look to you so often, seeing
much that God designed:
We look to you for guidance,
as you have been through much...
look to you for affection--
there is nothing like your touch!
We treasure conversation-
your words, they bless and heal...
we savor your correction--
solutions to reveal.
But, oh, the living lesson
of dedication seen:
your love for one another-
can words explain the mean?
But words are all I have, and I
assemble them with love
as I reflect upon the years
and thank my God above!

Congratulations, mom & dad!
I was going to say that 60 years is a milestone for couples these days...but that's a milestone for a man and a woman from ANY days!  I am so proud of you!  WE are so proud of you, and honored to call you 'mom' and 'dad!'
Thank you for the life-lessons that you have been and continue to be.
I love you!

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