Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Early gift

Good morning!
How is your day so far?
Are you able to cry out
"Morning done so beautifully-
given as a gift!
Father God Creator has
the very perfect lift!
He made the coffee that I grind...
He made the water pure...
(He even made the caffeine
that helps me to endure!)
And He is walking with me
at a perfect pace;
leading me, guiding me,
guarding, grace-to-grace!
So perfect His provision,
so present all the way!
Morning in this fleeting life-
there is no better way!"

No better way.
How is your day starting?
It's not too late to call on Jesus and start it over!

The Living Cross!

The life, the life inside the Cross-
the wonderment thereof!
One of the very pillars of
the blueprint of our Love!
God, Himself, made just One Way
for new life to begin:
without the shedding of His blood
we'd still be bound in sin!
But Jesus, Jesus Christ alone
has made for each a way:
He is the Truth, He is the Life,
He is the ONLY Way!
He, alone, bore torture and He
bore the crucifixion;
in Him is healing from all pain,
all bondage and addiction!

The Life, the Cross, the Lord alive-
forever do we sing!
The grave, it is now powerless
and earth has lost its sting!
Jesus Christ the Conqueror,
Jesus Christ the King!
He is Life ago and now:
eternal is His Being!

He's out of the grave and into the life!
I'm out of the dark and into the Light!!

How about you?  Does Jesus mean that much in your life?  He loves you so much!  Won't you give Him your life?  He can do more with it than you can!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Miles away from nowhere
with not a thing in sight!
But present with our Father,
so everything's alright.
And beautiful is 'nowhere' with
creation all around!
All so very new, the landscape
that the writer found!

Where am I?!
The only thing I recognize is the number on the highway sign, but it's so beautiful here!  And God is right here with me, so I know I'm not lost.  And I know I am headed in the right direction, so why not enjoy the glory of His creation...even if it is a flat horizon with a blue sky.
God is so good.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A new world

Out the window at first light.
Everything looks like it is coated in glass!
Fortunately, the morning sun is melting it rather quickly.
The storm moved in last afternoon and appeared to be relentless.  We prayed and believed for the best.
This morning, the whole scape looks like a glass wonderland!

Everything alive to glisten
in the rising sun.
Stopping life at all to listen:
cracking has begun!
Conditions now allow for thaw
and breathing is all life
thanking God for mercy and
the minimal of strife.

No matter what happened/happens, there will be recovery and healing.
Can we look beyond the damage and still see the wonder of God's creation?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rock Springs

" glorious is the view!"
Is that how you feel when you look around, or do you go about your day without even noticing your surroundings?

Mtn. Range--how far away?
Awe and splendor on display!
So many verses would it say.
What a grand and glorious day!

'Tween us be the loads of freight.
Lines of cars in number great!
Trains a-many going west-
again, the vision to be blessed!

Open land of life devoid?
NO WAY!  The scenery enjoyed!
And praise unto Creator God-
by Him continue to be awed!

How far away the view?  It doesn't matter when You know the Creator and enjoy His creation!  Take time, make the time, to savor the sights that only His hand can make!  His touch is everywhere.


Creator God creating...incognito?  Only if you make Him that way!

Across the valley are the clouds
that visited this morn;
across the ground are the remaining
snowflakes that were born;
only to accentuate
and amplify the view?
But to sharpen every shade
of every single hue!

How beautiful, the vestiges
of winter in the fall!
Autumn isn't only leaves
descending after all!
Often comes a harbinger
of the so far ahead
to remind Who's in control
and by Whom life is led!

What a wonderful God we serve!
Even on an afternoon walk, He provides beauty and inspiration that enables to writer to capture the view!
How blessed are them that can see, hear and receive that which He provides.  Are you amongst them?

Great and beautiful!

Father God is everywhere!
When you realize this truth, life becomes so beautiful!

"Great and beautiful You are,
oh God, my Father God!
My soul to You shall be always,
its melody so broad!
As I see the open land
my vision is of You!
And always is Your mighty hand
at work in such a view!

I can't see the beginning or
the end of this delight!
O my God, I lose myself
as I behold Your sight!
The rolling hills...the ivory hills...
the canyons and the plain...
teach me, constantly, the words
I must have to explain!

But Father, are there even words
to capture Your creation?
Even You, Yourself, remain
beyond interpretation!
Great and beautiful You are,
forever and always--
and I will write to glorify You
each and all my days!"

The beauty of the Lord.  For some, it may take effort to acknowledge, but He is everywhere at all times!  LOOK AROUND!
What a blessing life becomes when we become so in touch with Him!

Jesus Never fails!

"Oh Lord, You never fail me,
though often I fall short.
Though I not always am the best
You would, this man, exhort!
You look at me with pride as You
give favor to this man!
You never fail me, Lord; for You
have got a perfect plan!

I do not understand this but
Your love continues on!
Your faithfulness is not compared;
Lord, You are NEVER gone!
I know that You are with me as
I'm following Your lead.
I promise, o my Lord, that Your Word
I will always heed!

So faithful and so loving,
so perfect and so true!
Lord Jesus, I'm so very glad
that I'm aligned with You!"

Though we fail Him at times, He will never fail us!  It is not in His character.
Oh, to be like Jesus.  It's more than a song, it's the cry of the heart!


Shhh...over there...breakfast!

Raiders of the morning-
a deft cacophony!
Hopping all about their spoil-
a spectacle to see!
Kinder sights abound, however,
as He walks beside;
in the Presence of the Lord
life will not be denied!

He walks with me and talks with me-
I never am alone!
Those mysteries that fill this life
to Him are fully known.
In Him is a security
that, to most, is unknown;
ah, but to His chosen,
in His grace become they known!

Raiders of the morning-
wonders on the wing!
A Greater walks beside me bidding
"Sing, ye living, sing!"

Sing, ye living, SING! 
Lift your voices unto THE Creator, Almighty God.  He is worthy of our praise, adoration and worship.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

He is Almighty God!

He is Almighty God---Who is Creator of that to continually amaze!
How hard do you have to look for Him?
May it be true for each of us that we must merely open our eyes, shut our mouths, and accept that fact that He is right before our eyes.

Him Who stills the wind and waves,
Him, whom the very storm behaves,
Him Who, my very soul, saves,
He is Almighty God!

The blessed words He has to say,
The storm and sea, they both obey!
He is the Truth, the Life, the Way—
He is Almighty God!

The Bringer of the rising sun,
The Person in “Thy will be done;”
The Trinity contained in One—
He is Almighty God!

My heart, with Him, it is in tune;
He’s coming soon and very soon!
But with me now does He commune—
He is Almighty God!

Back to basics?  Some would say.  But there is no more beautiful truth than taking a moment away from everything and recognizing, acknowledging the fact that God is and He is right before your eyes!
Enjoy Him!

Not without You!

"O come to me, accompany.
All I can be I want to be,
but that can never, ever be
without You, Lord, inside of me!

I am what I am, oh God.
You look at me and You applaud!
You strengthen and empower me
to, then, be all that I can be!
But God, oh Father God, it's YOU
that anything at all I do!
The glory, it is all Your own
if any in my life is known!

Unless, Lord, You accompany,
I cannot know victory.
Appoint, anoint my steps the same
and I will glorify Your Name!
For You are worth this life and more!
I worship You and I adore
Your love...Your life...Your every way!
Accompany me, Lord, every day!"

Accompaniment by Almighty God Himself.
It happens as I, as WE submit and allow Him to direct our steps. 
He knows what it takes to set our paths aright and cause all that we do to bring Him glory.
Can you allow that?

Saturday, February 16, 2013


We all have convictions.  We all have concerns.  That which I am blatantly passionate about may not even be on your radar.  That should not be a wedge between us.
Because I am passionate about something and you are passionate about something else means that God has two issues covered in prayer and not just one.  We are different.
That he has at least 10 men together praying every Tuesday morning means that at least 10 different areas are being covered in prayer.  (And that usually means that 10 different churches are represented!)
Yes, we have differences, but Jesus Christ binds us together as one regardless!  No, we don't agree on everything, but can join hands and hearts and support one another.
God is so good!

Each NEW Day

At issue with 'another' man-
I battle with the flesh!
Constantly, the day entire,
are we to enmesh.
In verbiage of an ancient Scroll
the "old man" I've inside;
I must continue on anew
and keep him crucified!

Each new day in Jesus,
each NEW day, not 'day-to-day...'
time with Him equips me to
keep enemies at bay!
The issues and the battles, He
takes them upon His own
allowing me to, liberally,
fete praise unto the Throne!

"We battle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers..."  Ancient words are present truths, alive to them that work for Jesus. 
And we are not without Jesus...therefore we are not without victory!
Remember that WE ARE VICTORIOUS whenever you are going through the day mentioned above!

On my face...

Alone with God.
Away from appointments, issues, assignments...and all distractions.
Listening to that still, small voice...

I listen to mine inner soul-
the "HALLELUJAHS" freely roll
unto the heights above.
The basis of that endless song
is the fact that I belong
unto the King of Love!
For even when no one is near
I listen and distinctly hear
the choruses so grand,
as He Whose love is without peer
whispers softly in my ear
and reaches out His hand.

The very heights, for they proclaim
the holiness of His great Name,
the wonders of His grace!
For such, I scale the utmost height
and enter into glory Light
as I am on my face!!

Go there!  Be alone with God.  That place is NEVER far away, and God is always there to meet with us.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I just found these words in my pad.  After you read them, you will know when they were written.  The more I think about this message, the more I realize that the Holy Spirit knew exactly what He was doing and when they should be sent!

What if my demonstration
of Jesus and His love
was to deny myself and give
to them without enough?
What if more than December we
considered one another-
giving sacrificially
to stranger and to brother?
What if serving and giving would
top everybody's list?
What kind of
what people would exist?

What if I stopped 'what if-ing'
and put down this pen?
Put off the yuletide pondering
and ministered to men?
Would it not be a better time
that more could celebrate?
Thus I must now end this note
before it is too late!

There is so much to be done in this world, and WE are the ones to do it!
There is so much to be done in this little town...and I am one of the ones that can do it!
There is so much that I can there anything that WE can do?

Sunday, February 10, 2013


In a meeting with about 100 other men.
Listening to men encounter, encourage and enable other men.
It must happen often in this life.  Though some are too 'macho' to admit it, we all need each other to encourage each other and become better husbands...fathers...

"Return to pure integrity, o man!
For great and mighty is His holy plan!
So few be 'proofs' of manhood in this day-
so real, His example in the Way!

Step up, o man!  Your calling, it is sure!
Your principles and motives must be pure!
Yourself-the biggest obstacle to be.
Step up!  Christ's example be the key!

"Rise up, o man!" the exhortation lives.
Cling to Jesus and the life He gives!
Cling to Him Who is the only Way!
Then, surely, to become a 'man' this day!"

Remember this, men.
And you ladies reading this: pray for us!  We need it constantly!  And if the man in your life is nowhere near the example shown here, pray for him too!  He needs it.  We need it!

Quiet by force?

In a the quiet...
always by desire?
Shut away from busyness,
shut in to acquire;
schedules have had all of me
since I remember not...
but God, He now has all of me
here in this 'empty' spot!

In the silence deafening
there is a healing word!
Even when He 'says' no thing,
such life is clearly heard!
In that place of 'nothing' it is
filled with Jesus Christ!
There is life to be obtained
that cannot be priced!

It then becomes 'desire' to
be in this 'empty' place!
It is filled with God Himself,
it is filled with grace!
Healing revelation to be
needed now and then;
to be here in His Presence, I am
blessed among all men!

In a quiet place...can you stand to be in a place where there is one... silence?
So often, it is when I make the effort to be in that place that God shows up.  It is in that place where it is He and I alone that He gives me words to write.  Not every time, but so often!
Go there!  Turn off the TV, the music, the ________ and spend the time listening.
Jesus WILL meet you there!

Friday, February 8, 2013


So fresh, the Friday morning;
so new, the Presence of
Father God Creator-
He is full of grace and love!
Just look around the landscape
at His creative touch!
The glory and the majesty-
He is the Source of such!

Friday morning...we're almost there!
Just put in your time for a few more hours before the weekend?
NO!  Spend those hours making a difference in someone's life so they. too, can enjoy the day and it's beauty!


Father God...wonderful God!
No beginning, no end-God is at any and all times...I don't understand!

Every day and always...
existing in the EVERY time
is Jesus Christ, the Way!
There is no time, there is no place,
(neither situation,)
that separates us from His love
and His great relation!

"Then why did that thing happen..."
"Why does this go on..."
Why does it seem like vestiges
of Christ the Lord are gone?!
But have I even looked for Him?
Have I given praise?
Do I display gratitude
even in 'those' days?

But every day and always,
regardless how it goes,
God, in His reality,
everybody, knows!
Wherever you are in the day
call out His mighty Name,
and cling to Him through everything,
and He will do the same!

Yes, He will do the same.  He will be right there with you through any and all times and seasons.  Even that scary situation that you have never been in before-He is right there ready to escort you.
Trust Him.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grace so heavy!

I was in a meeting over the weekend and the speaker used the term "heavy grace."
As often happens, I immediately wrote those two words down.  I knew that I had to ponder them at a later time.
Upon reflection this morning, here is what the Spirit said:

Your grace--so very heavy...
my Lord, I cannot bear!
I need Your Spirit for to grasp
the fullness that You share!
Higher than the mountains...
deeper than the sea...
but God, BUT GOD, Your grace- far more
than parables that be!!
And grace-so very necessary
all throughout this life!
Your grace-that vehicle that transports
me through every strife!
That grace-and nothing else to warrant
all the life I know...
unto no other source can this man
ever even go!

Your grace--the poet cannot know
the wonder of it all!
I reach the yonder plateau and then
further would You call!
"gracing" for the task...
for more than that which You provide
man cannot even ask!

Have you experienced that "grace so heavy" in your life?  If we are devout, that time comes often.  We must have DIALOGUE with the Holy Spirit.  Not MONOLOGUE!  Converse with Him!  Yes, pray...but don't just say 'amen' and off you go!  Allow enough time for Him to answer back!  Converse with Him!
It's all availed in His Grace!


The desert again.  What's the point?
Does it have to be a negative experience?

Once again, escaping life
of which I am a part;
though I am in this world, I am
called to be apart;
so many things, so many deeds
must I accomplish here,
but He prepared a place of rest-
my heart and mind to clear.

So very little in this place,
and yet so very much.
The greatest of it all to be
His certain, heavy touch!
Yet many things remind of God
here in this barren place;
valuables intangible-
due alone His grace!

So valuable, the blest escape
until I must return.
The Presence of Almighty Lord-
always here to learn!
Even without word is healing,
help and restoration;
all because I called on Christ
and took of His salvation!

A pointless wasteland?  OF COURSE NOT!
There is something here to learn...even if only to bask in the Presence of God alone!
Have you been there yet?
Are you sure?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Eternal Love

What is there to endure the age
save everlasting love?
Vain and empty promises
the world is so full of!
There is a place, there is a Person
unto Whom we turn-
in His mighty Presence there
is oh so much to learn!

Everlasting love exists
and unto one and all!
See Him, know Him, cling to Him,
He will not let you fall!
He is the One, Jesus the One,
His arms are open wide!
He calls for you to learn of Him,
come to Him, step inside!

None other to endure the age-
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
His grace, His blood, His wondrous love,
unto you to afford!
Yes, the Son of God endures
and you can do the same!
Only set yourself aside
and cling to His great Name!

The power of His Name!
The power of His Blood!
The power of His Word!
The awe and spectacle of His very Presence!
All for us because of Love.
Know Him as your Savior.


Holy, holy, holy-
Jesus Christ alone!
His glory and His majesty-
nothing greater known!

Holy, holy, holy-
praises never cease!
Lift your arms...lift your heart...
everything release!

Holy, holy Jesus Christ-
Lord and God alone!

All of life's requirements
in Himself be known.
And give-He gives Himself so freely
unto one and all.
Will you be in that number
responding to His Call?

Holy, holy, holy...
and we can be the same!
Take Him as your Life and death
and live inside His Name!
Through trial and through triumph
He is alive and living;
that holiness that is Himself
He gives and He is giving!

I am called to be holy.  You are called to be holy.
We are called to a level of holiness that may cause us to be uncomfortable in this world.
It can only be done in Him.
Are you up to it?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

60 years!!

Wow!  That's a long time!

How many are the decades?
I've been around for most.
For most of them, (so filled with love,)
with us you've been engrossed!
Seeming for to strike a balance
very few yet find;
we look to you so often, seeing
much that God designed:
We look to you for guidance,
as you have been through much...
look to you for affection--
there is nothing like your touch!
We treasure conversation-
your words, they bless and heal...
we savor your correction--
solutions to reveal.
But, oh, the living lesson
of dedication seen:
your love for one another-
can words explain the mean?
But words are all I have, and I
assemble them with love
as I reflect upon the years
and thank my God above!

Congratulations, mom & dad!
I was going to say that 60 years is a milestone for couples these days...but that's a milestone for a man and a woman from ANY days!  I am so proud of you!  WE are so proud of you, and honored to call you 'mom' and 'dad!'
Thank you for the life-lessons that you have been and continue to be.
I love you!