Saturday, January 12, 2013


Savoring the peace alive
inside of what goes on.
Though the storm, it rages,
His own mantle I may don!
For I am safe inside the Rock
while all of life gives way!
Though life assaults at every hand,
in His hand will I stay!

O precious is the peace alive
through all of life's buffet.
And Jesus Christ, for He is present
all along The Way!
It does not matter what arises,
He's already there;
and He is even holding me
when comes that wretched scare!

Yea, NOTHING will come nigh my dwelling
unbeknownst to God.
And there is nowhere in my future
that He has not trod!
I can rest, (and so can you,)
in midst of ANY storm-
security in Jesus-
for His own it is the norm.

Yes, the storms arise.
Yes, the storms take their toll.
But when you belong the the Rider on the storm, there is always security before, during and after.

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