Saturday, January 12, 2013


I was watching a video just last evening.  It was a hi-def film of life just off the coast of Grenada.  Watch...

Taken once again and shown
I haven't seen it all.
Scenes that cry in silent speech-
visions that enthrall!
Creator God creating that
which He alone can do,
making real His Presence in
the glory of the view!

So mighty is the spectacle
that yet remains unseen!
So glorious-the spectrum-
come to life and so serene!
How numerous the colors only
when is known the light?
Oh, but God Creator, in
the same, takes great delight!

A journey under water shows
what very few have seen:
another world complete, and that
so real and serene!
Discover ye another world
but glory God alone!
For only by HIS craftsmanship
is such creation known!

See it with me, won't you:

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