Monday, January 21, 2013

Too Simple

What happened to integrity?
We see where criminals are glorified for figuring out how to break into fortresses, hacking into elaborate systems, for "getting away with it."
Where is simple 'honesty?'

"Take up your crosses, men!
Be godly priests again!
The days are NOT the same!
So rife be sin and shame.
Who, then, will take a stand?
So firm be His command:
"O put your self aside
and do not be denied!"

Take up your cross, o man.
There is a settled Plan;
and narrow is the way
for holiness today!
For lusts are everywhere;
and this world wants its share
of the heart and soul-
it seeks to take the whole!
But take your cross and stand!
For great is life's demand,
but greater is His touch
if we will cede to such!

Again, take up your cross
and minimize your loss?
NO!  There is much to gain
in purity's campaign!
The promise we must keep-
His victory to reap.
Integrity, arise,
and never compromise!"

Has 'honesty' become boring? 
Is my appetite addicted to crime become it is so exciting?
God help me!

"Integrity is what I am when no one is watching."


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