Saturday, January 12, 2013

The love of the Father

"Glory to God!  His love is eterne!"
Will ever a day be that I will discern
the wonder, the splendor of His perfect love?
Will even it be when I'm present above?!

The love of The Father, it knoweth no bounds!
To claim it in my life I've not any grounds!
But due to what Jesus provideth for me,
I have access unto what I can't see!

Glory to God!  Oh, I worship Him e'er!
Whatever the blessing, He's, with me to share!
Oh, even the promise of that other Place!
I'm ever so thankful I took of His grace!

"I'm ever so thankful I took of His grace!"
But don't get me wrong, JESUS DID IT ALL!!  By His grace we are allowed to partake of Him and He provides life, life abundant, life eternal, and THROUGH HIM we have access to Father God and His amazing love!
Enjoy Him!

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