Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Greatest

"Jesus is the greatest thing in this life."  (Though I feel weird calling Him "thing.") 
I know that, for myself, knowing Jesus has been so very beneficial!

Jesus Christ and nothing more-
no greater in all living!
He is holy...He is perfect...
He is always giving!
All of life is to be lived
for Him and not another;
He is loving, he is even
closer than a brother!

Not a thing in this life shall be
greater than The Lord!
No greater than what He is could
this life at all afford!
Jesus, Jesus--He is all
desire could request!
And of this life's requirements
He is the very best!

"Jesus Christ, nothing more
would I desire that day!
You are mine all and everything-
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
And all You are shall yet sustain me
in that life ahead!
Oh so fortunate is this man
to be Spirit-led!"

Again, "Jesus is the greatest thing in this life."
Know Him for yourself and realize the fullness of His grace to apply to every facet of your living!

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