Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shock and awe! (The original)

The glory and the majesty,
the terror and the shock!
The Presence of Almighty God-
o, hide me in the rock!
The earth in whole, it trembles!
Creation, all, it shakes!
At the Presence of the Lord
life-it moves and quakes!

"In the morning, oh, the glory
of Majestic Lord!
You are faithful, so artistic!
God, Your grace afford!
Steeled is the writer,
seized is the quill
as You reveal Your handiwork
according to your will!

The glory and the majesty:
the mountains and the hills!
In the morn creation all
rejuvenates, refills!
Creator and Provider God-
so real, so immense!
Once again to take the writer
where there is no fence!"

Once again to take the writer...
Once again to take the reader--the words above are a narration from Isaiah 2:19 as he describes the terror of the Presence of God! 
Have you been there yet?
Get that close to Him!

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