Saturday, January 26, 2013


What a blessing it is to be able to do things for God and His Kingdom! 
Each one of us is called and gifted exclusively.  My gift is different than yours, but He uses each of us for His glory.
Take pleasure in that service!

"Serving You for always,
my Father and my Friend.
The love that You have for me,
it does not ever end!
That service is a pleasure
in good times and in bad-
not another Lord at all
has this man ever had!

No other gods before You...
none other to exist!
The greatest of affection
and so hard to resist!
You loved me long before I was
and chose me as Your Own;
in every moment, Lord, alive
is Your affection known!

Your service is so varied,
and You enable all.
So fortunate are them that serve
according to Your Call!
You treat all with equity:
You give and give and give!
In Your love we prosper
and in Your grace we live!"

Yes, take pleasure in that service!  You are created and called for a specific purpose!  Enjoy it.

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