Saturday, January 19, 2013


"Father God, thank You for my children!"

Watching our investment,
recalling sweat and tears.
In the window of the mind
I see the many years.
And now, to see the dividends,
the fruits of what was sown...
surely, there is pride and joy
and admiration known!

How fortunate, the precious few
who look with no regrets!
Surely, there were disappointments,
surely, there were frets;
but far surpassing negatives
are the victories
wafting through the heart and soul
just like a gentle breeze!

O what great investment,
and greater the return!
Following the lead of God
there's yet so much to learn
not just of the investments
but dividends that are!
We reap the joys of yonder day,
though sometimes from afar!

Technology has provided so many wonderful ways of keeping in touch!  The verses above were inspired as I was "Skyping" with my kids the other day.  One 'click' and we are face-to-face!  While they were telling me of their activities, my mind drifted back to those years of preparation for those activities.  GOD IS SO GOOD!
It is my prayer that each of you contain such fond memories of your children.

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