Saturday, January 12, 2013

On Faith Alone never stops.
So many issues inside the day.  However, some things remain secure...

Though issues may be cryptic, yea,
though puzzled I may be,
I know that it shall not affect
the hope and joy of me!
For I have not accepted Him
on what I understand,
I took Him upon faith alone
at His unfurled hand!
I took Him upon faith alone,
yet more and more each day
come the answers very clear
about the Narrow Way.
And the issues cryptic, for
I know that, by and by,
I will be enlightened as
His reason cometh nigh.

I took Him upon faith alone
and that's where I remain:
confident, secure in Him
Who bore the crimson stain!
Knowing, even knowing, yes,
He is and e'er will be
not only in the very clear
but in what I can't see!

Secure in Him--JESUS CHRIST!
It is faith alone that gets you into His Presence.  Go for it!
And the more you trust Him, the more He will do for you!

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