Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life is known!

The value of a single cell--
"o where does life begin?"
Is it a case of politics,
or is it blatant sin?
If an issue of mere "choice,"
who, then, gets to choose?
There is but One choice alone
where nobody will lose.

A life has been created,
a blessing from above.
It is to be protected
and nurtured with all love!
In LOVE it was created,
it should receive the same;
so remarkable and wonderful-
HE knows its very name!

A life has been created,
and every day is known!
We must care for and nurture it,
He gave it as our own!
Though somewhere yet a single cell,
so precious in His sight!
Know the value of ALL life
and, with Him, take delight!

Choose life.  God already has!  God already has each of his days planned.  It is up to us, each of us, to see to it that this child reaches those awesome days that God has planned!

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