Monday, January 28, 2013

Leader of the Day!


Morning seeking presence
as dew would dominate;
in between the glimpses
intensity is great!
Light-it shall prevail
and day will come to be;
but in the early Light is walking
slowly next to me.
What living conversation!
What camaraderie!
In the smiles and laughter,
He often looks at me;
and even in the teardrops
He takes me by the hand;
how wonderful to have a Friend
to fully understand!

My walk with the Creator-
Jesus Christ my God!
Hallowed becomes the time...
holy 'comes the sod!
So to set the tone to live
whatever lies ahead.
He is the Master of ALL life
and by Him I am led!

Be led by Jesus, my friend.  There is no greater way to experience life, as He knows what lies at every step and He knows the pace that will get the most out of it!

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