Wednesday, January 30, 2013


When I have exhausted all
I will not hesitate to call;
for God has everything and more
mine each and everything restore!
Even when I've 'squandered' such,
I know that one and only touch
that knows the 'what' and 'when' and 'where;'
oh, to know that blest repair!

Yes, when I have exhausted all,
I lean into that settled call
that He has placed upon my life-
there, that sweet escape from strife!
And there, transport unto a place
provided by a perfect Grace:
that Place where Jesus walks beside-
there He equips to gather stride!

"When I have exhausted all..."
Can that happen in The Call?
For God my Strength resides so deep,
and all my living does He keep!
I am strengthened, blessed and kept,
lest, by this life, I may be swept,
In the palm of God secure-
there stabilized for to endure!

Life is brutal.  Life doesn't care.
Life will have its way with you as far as you let it!
You must take hold of God and take a stand against the waves of the enemy if you will stand a chance in this life!

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