Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Once again, in a place far away...waiting for tests results...KNOWING that those results are already known!
Yes, in the waiting room of a very large hospital.
And while we are waiting, outside...

Frozen in the middle of the day-
Certain that my Father knows the way.
"Been here, done that..." thought that it was past;
but here we are again inside the blast!

Never the desire here to be!
Oh, but Omnipresent God is He!
Whatever situation is to come,
He's already there and knows the sum!
And though the skies contrary may appear,
naught shall be allowed to foster fear!
For riding on the storm is The Creator.
His purposes and plans are always greater!

Frozen in the middle of the day...
but do all that you can upon the way.
When it shall be that nothing can be done,
savor there the Presence of the Son!

That was looking out the window last week.
The test results came, AND WE ARE REJOICING!
The brain surgeon said that instead of checking her head in six months, he doesn't want to see her for a full year!
It took us 9 hours to make the 4hr drive home, but we made it safely!  Thank You Jesus!

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