Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The depths alive and churning-
exacting is the cry!
But greater than emotion
is Jesus, God Most High!
He gives me those emotions,
but not for to consume;
I must employ His balance
and not resign to fume!

But then, again, the passion!
I cannot know the sum!
I must resolve to witness 'fore
implosion is to come!
He is alive and churning,
and I MUST share His cry:
"JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!"  Soon, every
breath will testify!!

The depths alive and churning...
oh, soul, the time is near!
Do not give up!  Keep moving forward
though life interfere!
Great is your reward from Him
Who saves the soul complete!
Jesus Christ to dwell those depths-
His Presence is replete!!

You may not see the results of service now.  You may NEVER see those results in this life, but I promise you that anything you do for the Lord will not be in vain!
Yes, there is an enemy and he wants you dead!  But Jesus Christ is Life and we must press on in Him!

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