Saturday, January 5, 2013

But When?!

"Jesus...Jesus...Jesus, how long will You tarry?"

The sky, it is forbidding on
this January night
as I prep to scribe a word
about a future flight.
Standing out here in the field
witnessing the shroud...
thinking of a time when He
shall come back in a cloud!

Captured are my senses once again
as I behold
the anger of the thunderstorm'
about to, here, unfold!
Silence e'er about me save
the breeze's gentle sound-
soon to be a-shattered with
the thunder to resound!

But now, in the calm before
the storm as I await,
I dwell upon the Promise that
we'll soon evacuate!
Departing this decaying place;
this temple, oh, to shed,
by the Lamb of God, into
the Promised Land be led!

Do you yearn for the same?  It seems that the turning of the year brings such desire forefront in this man's life, but that desire is ALWAYS in my heart!
How about you?

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