Monday, January 7, 2013

Being Real

So many things happen to us as Christians.
Are they any different than what happens to those who are not serving God?
Are we expected to react differently?

"The anger that I feel toward You,
how real can I be?
Life has unplanned,
and I KNOW that You see!
That person, they no longer are,
and here I must go on?!
I pray to You, You answer me...
my friend is yet still gone!
I know Your comfort, know Your touch,
yet, Lord, I know the pain.
I also know, Lord, that this anger
will not bring me gain.
If I am to be just like You,
how, then, shall I feel?
Something happened, I am hurting-
that, o Lord, is real!

Oh my God, You are so good.
You're matter what!
You listen and You answer, even
when I cry out "BUT!"
I know You have a purpose,
I know there is a point;
BUT GOD, I want to seek You and
the things that You anoint!

The anger that I feel-
You can handle it from me.
O settle me and stable me
that I may clearly see.

No, this life is no respecter of person.  Good things and bad things happen to good people and bad people.
Those who serve God, however, have a loving Father to help them through what goes on.
Have you found Him to be that kind of God?

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