Wednesday, January 30, 2013


When I have exhausted all
I will not hesitate to call;
for God has everything and more
mine each and everything restore!
Even when I've 'squandered' such,
I know that one and only touch
that knows the 'what' and 'when' and 'where;'
oh, to know that blest repair!

Yes, when I have exhausted all,
I lean into that settled call
that He has placed upon my life-
there, that sweet escape from strife!
And there, transport unto a place
provided by a perfect Grace:
that Place where Jesus walks beside-
there He equips to gather stride!

"When I have exhausted all..."
Can that happen in The Call?
For God my Strength resides so deep,
and all my living does He keep!
I am strengthened, blessed and kept,
lest, by this life, I may be swept,
In the palm of God secure-
there stabilized for to endure!

Life is brutal.  Life doesn't care.
Life will have its way with you as far as you let it!
You must take hold of God and take a stand against the waves of the enemy if you will stand a chance in this life!


The depths alive and churning-
exacting is the cry!
But greater than emotion
is Jesus, God Most High!
He gives me those emotions,
but not for to consume;
I must employ His balance
and not resign to fume!

But then, again, the passion!
I cannot know the sum!
I must resolve to witness 'fore
implosion is to come!
He is alive and churning,
and I MUST share His cry:
"JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!"  Soon, every
breath will testify!!

The depths alive and churning...
oh, soul, the time is near!
Do not give up!  Keep moving forward
though life interfere!
Great is your reward from Him
Who saves the soul complete!
Jesus Christ to dwell those depths-
His Presence is replete!!

You may not see the results of service now.  You may NEVER see those results in this life, but I promise you that anything you do for the Lord will not be in vain!
Yes, there is an enemy and he wants you dead!  But Jesus Christ is Life and we must press on in Him!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Leader of the Day!


Morning seeking presence
as dew would dominate;
in between the glimpses
intensity is great!
Light-it shall prevail
and day will come to be;
but in the early Light is walking
slowly next to me.
What living conversation!
What camaraderie!
In the smiles and laughter,
He often looks at me;
and even in the teardrops
He takes me by the hand;
how wonderful to have a Friend
to fully understand!

My walk with the Creator-
Jesus Christ my God!
Hallowed becomes the time...
holy 'comes the sod!
So to set the tone to live
whatever lies ahead.
He is the Master of ALL life
and by Him I am led!

Be led by Jesus, my friend.  There is no greater way to experience life, as He knows what lies at every step and He knows the pace that will get the most out of it!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


What a blessing it is to be able to do things for God and His Kingdom! 
Each one of us is called and gifted exclusively.  My gift is different than yours, but He uses each of us for His glory.
Take pleasure in that service!

"Serving You for always,
my Father and my Friend.
The love that You have for me,
it does not ever end!
That service is a pleasure
in good times and in bad-
not another Lord at all
has this man ever had!

No other gods before You...
none other to exist!
The greatest of affection
and so hard to resist!
You loved me long before I was
and chose me as Your Own;
in every moment, Lord, alive
is Your affection known!

Your service is so varied,
and You enable all.
So fortunate are them that serve
according to Your Call!
You treat all with equity:
You give and give and give!
In Your love we prosper
and in Your grace we live!"

Yes, take pleasure in that service!  You are created and called for a specific purpose!  Enjoy it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Once again, in a place far away...waiting for tests results...KNOWING that those results are already known!
Yes, in the waiting room of a very large hospital.
And while we are waiting, outside...

Frozen in the middle of the day-
Certain that my Father knows the way.
"Been here, done that..." thought that it was past;
but here we are again inside the blast!

Never the desire here to be!
Oh, but Omnipresent God is He!
Whatever situation is to come,
He's already there and knows the sum!
And though the skies contrary may appear,
naught shall be allowed to foster fear!
For riding on the storm is The Creator.
His purposes and plans are always greater!

Frozen in the middle of the day...
but do all that you can upon the way.
When it shall be that nothing can be done,
savor there the Presence of the Son!

That was looking out the window last week.
The test results came, AND WE ARE REJOICING!
The brain surgeon said that instead of checking her head in six months, he doesn't want to see her for a full year!
It took us 9 hours to make the 4hr drive home, but we made it safely!  Thank You Jesus!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Too Simple

What happened to integrity?
We see where criminals are glorified for figuring out how to break into fortresses, hacking into elaborate systems, for "getting away with it."
Where is simple 'honesty?'

"Take up your crosses, men!
Be godly priests again!
The days are NOT the same!
So rife be sin and shame.
Who, then, will take a stand?
So firm be His command:
"O put your self aside
and do not be denied!"

Take up your cross, o man.
There is a settled Plan;
and narrow is the way
for holiness today!
For lusts are everywhere;
and this world wants its share
of the heart and soul-
it seeks to take the whole!
But take your cross and stand!
For great is life's demand,
but greater is His touch
if we will cede to such!

Again, take up your cross
and minimize your loss?
NO!  There is much to gain
in purity's campaign!
The promise we must keep-
His victory to reap.
Integrity, arise,
and never compromise!"

Has 'honesty' become boring? 
Is my appetite addicted to crime become it is so exciting?
God help me!

"Integrity is what I am when no one is watching."


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life is known!

The value of a single cell--
"o where does life begin?"
Is it a case of politics,
or is it blatant sin?
If an issue of mere "choice,"
who, then, gets to choose?
There is but One choice alone
where nobody will lose.

A life has been created,
a blessing from above.
It is to be protected
and nurtured with all love!
In LOVE it was created,
it should receive the same;
so remarkable and wonderful-
HE knows its very name!

A life has been created,
and every day is known!
We must care for and nurture it,
He gave it as our own!
Though somewhere yet a single cell,
so precious in His sight!
Know the value of ALL life
and, with Him, take delight!

Choose life.  God already has!  God already has each of his days planned.  It is up to us, each of us, to see to it that this child reaches those awesome days that God has planned!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


"Father God, thank You for my children!"

Watching our investment,
recalling sweat and tears.
In the window of the mind
I see the many years.
And now, to see the dividends,
the fruits of what was sown...
surely, there is pride and joy
and admiration known!

How fortunate, the precious few
who look with no regrets!
Surely, there were disappointments,
surely, there were frets;
but far surpassing negatives
are the victories
wafting through the heart and soul
just like a gentle breeze!

O what great investment,
and greater the return!
Following the lead of God
there's yet so much to learn
not just of the investments
but dividends that are!
We reap the joys of yonder day,
though sometimes from afar!

Technology has provided so many wonderful ways of keeping in touch!  The verses above were inspired as I was "Skyping" with my kids the other day.  One 'click' and we are face-to-face!  While they were telling me of their activities, my mind drifted back to those years of preparation for those activities.  GOD IS SO GOOD!
It is my prayer that each of you contain such fond memories of your children.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Holy Time

So hallowed, the landscape in the morning
the writer to respect the early view!
The glory of creation is resounding
by slowly amplifying every hue

"O spacious morning skies aflame,
of God's creation to exclaim!
Blest inspiration 'come the frame!
'Creator God, o bless Your Name!'"

The morning is so beautiful!  It is here that life has such clarity, such glory!  There is nothing to confuse the thought nor interfere with God's visitation.  Seek Him while glory is and you will enjoy it all day long!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Savoring the peace alive
inside of what goes on.
Though the storm, it rages,
His own mantle I may don!
For I am safe inside the Rock
while all of life gives way!
Though life assaults at every hand,
in His hand will I stay!

O precious is the peace alive
through all of life's buffet.
And Jesus Christ, for He is present
all along The Way!
It does not matter what arises,
He's already there;
and He is even holding me
when comes that wretched scare!

Yea, NOTHING will come nigh my dwelling
unbeknownst to God.
And there is nowhere in my future
that He has not trod!
I can rest, (and so can you,)
in midst of ANY storm-
security in Jesus-
for His own it is the norm.

Yes, the storms arise.
Yes, the storms take their toll.
But when you belong the the Rider on the storm, there is always security before, during and after.

On Faith Alone never stops.
So many issues inside the day.  However, some things remain secure...

Though issues may be cryptic, yea,
though puzzled I may be,
I know that it shall not affect
the hope and joy of me!
For I have not accepted Him
on what I understand,
I took Him upon faith alone
at His unfurled hand!
I took Him upon faith alone,
yet more and more each day
come the answers very clear
about the Narrow Way.
And the issues cryptic, for
I know that, by and by,
I will be enlightened as
His reason cometh nigh.

I took Him upon faith alone
and that's where I remain:
confident, secure in Him
Who bore the crimson stain!
Knowing, even knowing, yes,
He is and e'er will be
not only in the very clear
but in what I can't see!

Secure in Him--JESUS CHRIST!
It is faith alone that gets you into His Presence.  Go for it!
And the more you trust Him, the more He will do for you!

The love of the Father

"Glory to God!  His love is eterne!"
Will ever a day be that I will discern
the wonder, the splendor of His perfect love?
Will even it be when I'm present above?!

The love of The Father, it knoweth no bounds!
To claim it in my life I've not any grounds!
But due to what Jesus provideth for me,
I have access unto what I can't see!

Glory to God!  Oh, I worship Him e'er!
Whatever the blessing, He's, with me to share!
Oh, even the promise of that other Place!
I'm ever so thankful I took of His grace!

"I'm ever so thankful I took of His grace!"
But don't get me wrong, JESUS DID IT ALL!!  By His grace we are allowed to partake of Him and He provides life, life abundant, life eternal, and THROUGH HIM we have access to Father God and His amazing love!
Enjoy Him!


I was watching a video just last evening.  It was a hi-def film of life just off the coast of Grenada.  Watch...

Taken once again and shown
I haven't seen it all.
Scenes that cry in silent speech-
visions that enthrall!
Creator God creating that
which He alone can do,
making real His Presence in
the glory of the view!

So mighty is the spectacle
that yet remains unseen!
So glorious-the spectrum-
come to life and so serene!
How numerous the colors only
when is known the light?
Oh, but God Creator, in
the same, takes great delight!

A journey under water shows
what very few have seen:
another world complete, and that
so real and serene!
Discover ye another world
but glory God alone!
For only by HIS craftsmanship
is such creation known!

See it with me, won't you:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Greatest

"Jesus is the greatest thing in this life."  (Though I feel weird calling Him "thing.") 
I know that, for myself, knowing Jesus has been so very beneficial!

Jesus Christ and nothing more-
no greater in all living!
He is holy...He is perfect...
He is always giving!
All of life is to be lived
for Him and not another;
He is loving, he is even
closer than a brother!

Not a thing in this life shall be
greater than The Lord!
No greater than what He is could
this life at all afford!
Jesus, Jesus--He is all
desire could request!
And of this life's requirements
He is the very best!

"Jesus Christ, nothing more
would I desire that day!
You are mine all and everything-
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
And all You are shall yet sustain me
in that life ahead!
Oh so fortunate is this man
to be Spirit-led!"

Again, "Jesus is the greatest thing in this life."
Know Him for yourself and realize the fullness of His grace to apply to every facet of your living!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Being Real

So many things happen to us as Christians.
Are they any different than what happens to those who are not serving God?
Are we expected to react differently?

"The anger that I feel toward You,
how real can I be?
Life has unplanned,
and I KNOW that You see!
That person, they no longer are,
and here I must go on?!
I pray to You, You answer me...
my friend is yet still gone!
I know Your comfort, know Your touch,
yet, Lord, I know the pain.
I also know, Lord, that this anger
will not bring me gain.
If I am to be just like You,
how, then, shall I feel?
Something happened, I am hurting-
that, o Lord, is real!

Oh my God, You are so good.
You're matter what!
You listen and You answer, even
when I cry out "BUT!"
I know You have a purpose,
I know there is a point;
BUT GOD, I want to seek You and
the things that You anoint!

The anger that I feel-
You can handle it from me.
O settle me and stable me
that I may clearly see.

No, this life is no respecter of person.  Good things and bad things happen to good people and bad people.
Those who serve God, however, have a loving Father to help them through what goes on.
Have you found Him to be that kind of God?


But how can be contained a sight
too awesome to behold?
The mighty mountain majesty
in the bitter cold!
So massive that it occupies
the whole of single sight...
then to turn around and find
the same with great delight!

Winter mountain majesty--
so beautiful, so real!
Something far beyond the vision:
look...but surely FEEL!
The spectacle of something that
no person may create;
give glory to almighty God,
imposing and so great!

How long to flow the words amidst
the presence of the sight?
How often silence to commence,
result of sheer delight?!

What are words in view of such glory?
But I will hush as He reveals even more of His wonderful creation to me.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shock and awe! (The original)

The glory and the majesty,
the terror and the shock!
The Presence of Almighty God-
o, hide me in the rock!
The earth in whole, it trembles!
Creation, all, it shakes!
At the Presence of the Lord
life-it moves and quakes!

"In the morning, oh, the glory
of Majestic Lord!
You are faithful, so artistic!
God, Your grace afford!
Steeled is the writer,
seized is the quill
as You reveal Your handiwork
according to your will!

The glory and the majesty:
the mountains and the hills!
In the morn creation all
rejuvenates, refills!
Creator and Provider God-
so real, so immense!
Once again to take the writer
where there is no fence!"

Once again to take the writer...
Once again to take the reader--the words above are a narration from Isaiah 2:19 as he describes the terror of the Presence of God! 
Have you been there yet?
Get that close to Him!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

But When?!

"Jesus...Jesus...Jesus, how long will You tarry?"

The sky, it is forbidding on
this January night
as I prep to scribe a word
about a future flight.
Standing out here in the field
witnessing the shroud...
thinking of a time when He
shall come back in a cloud!

Captured are my senses once again
as I behold
the anger of the thunderstorm'
about to, here, unfold!
Silence e'er about me save
the breeze's gentle sound-
soon to be a-shattered with
the thunder to resound!

But now, in the calm before
the storm as I await,
I dwell upon the Promise that
we'll soon evacuate!
Departing this decaying place;
this temple, oh, to shed,
by the Lamb of God, into
the Promised Land be led!

Do you yearn for the same?  It seems that the turning of the year brings such desire forefront in this man's life, but that desire is ALWAYS in my heart!
How about you?