Friday, December 7, 2012


It's another Christmas.  Another 'holiday' season.  Different?  Oh yea, it's different! 

Deck the halls, the halls that are
much colder than the last-
I find myself still shocked to know
the power of the blast!
That which was, the 'normal' that
so many come to know,
no longer is the normal as
I try to dodge the snow!
I never knew the 'system' was
so vast and varied here.
That there were even such as these
to me was always clear.
I dodged them every day as I
went to and from the job;
now I am one of 'them' that I
saw no more than a 'slob.'

"Happy Holidays" are what
you make of them, I guess.
How can any be so happy
here in such a 'mess?'
By doing what we can while hoping
for a hand somewhere,
a 'hand-up' from someone like you
reminding us you care.
The street was my avoidance,
but now it's my abode.
Last year I had an office,
relishing the load!
Savor what you have, my friend,
as long as it will last;
and look not down on anyone
regardless of their caste!

Oh, how quickly times change...situations change...environs change.  If you are so blessed that the afore-written is foreign, enjoy it!  But don't lose sight of the fact that the less fortunate are just as human and real as you are, no matter what lengths you go through to avoid them.

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