Thursday, December 20, 2012

One King

They had been waiting for a king, not a King...

One King to serve the ones that other
kings have spit upon...
One King to go where other kings
had dare not EVER gone!
One King to minister in ways
no earthly kings are able...
One King--from Heaven unto man
lying in a stable.

Royalty appearing in
the lowliest of state;
the very same, for purpose unto
man for to relate!
Other royalty to come
with gifts to venerate!
Even hosts angelic bring
a song to celebrate!

One king alone to satisfy
so many centuries!
Jesus come due love alone,
and for "the least of these!"
Jesus come, so personal-
oh, know Him as your own:
King of heart and soul and mind,
the Truth of Christmas shown!

Are you in need of a king in your life? 
Why not take The King of everything as your personal Savior?
The greatest gift of all this Christmas is Christmas Himself!  Know Him deeply and personally!

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