Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, What Gift!!

Hmm...what shall I buy for _________?
How much shall I send to __________?
Isn't there something I can give that will please_______?

What a miracle...what a gift...
what a hope, so blest:
Jesus Christ is life to them
that have, His Name, confessed!
Lowly in a manger come,
but now, to reign supreme!
"Them that believe in such a tale?"
Oh yea, we be extreme!!

What a miracle...what a gift!
Jesus...King of kings!
As He be King within, what wonder
into life He brings!
Healing of the body and
redemption of the soul!
Life itself become brand new--
oh give to Him control!

What a miracle..what a gift:
Jesus Christ the Lord!
And for longer than a season
must He be adored!
He is worthy of attention
each and every day!
Give Jesus Christ your all!  He is
The Truth, The Life, The Way!!

What kind of 'presents' are you looking for this year?
Should we not be seeking "Presence" instead?  The gift of Jesus will last far longer than a  season.  Jesus is eternal!  And with Him in your heart, you will live eternally with Him!
Don't let this world or anything in it embezzle you out of a relationship with Jesus!

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