Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life of Christmas!

Christmas means so much to so many. 
That said, the meaning itself is so diverse!
One thing, though, remains and MUST remain central:

Life of Christmas...oh, the wonder:
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
Your love I do not have to shop for
and I CAN afford!
Your love, for it will be with me
when "season" is long gone;
Your Presence--it is more than "presents"
on and on and on!

Life of Christmas, we adore You,
glory, laud and praise!
We celebrate You, Jesus Christ,
Your anthem we raise!
Gift of God, we magnify You,
YOU and not another!
You complete us, You are ever
closer than a brother!

Life of Christmas--oh the Lifeblood
unto one and all.
Lord, we come unto You only,
at Your feet we fall.
Nothing may we bring to You
save praise and adoration;
Jesus, Jesus, Life of Christmas--
o the celebration!

Jesus, Jesus...He IS Christmas!  No matter what the world tries to sell, Jesus is STILL the reason for the season...and beyond!
Praise Him this Christmas...and always.

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