Saturday, December 22, 2012


Watching people...watching TV...watching life...
The ancient struggle persists: good vs. evil.
It takes effort, but

How much kindness can be done
in spite of what goes on?
Is charity now obsolete?
Is goodness now long gone?
How many lives can be affected
for the greater good?
How any can be helped today?

These issues should not be at all!
We MUST help one another!
So many ways of crying out
has him known as my brother.
You may not even call me 'friend,'
but your love I still need.
Look far beyond your fears and notice
all the ways I plead.
Tomorrow I might make the news-
what will you do today?
Will you prevent statistics with
the things you do and say?

How much kindness can be done?
Will it even matter?
Is the poet rambling?

Is this mindless chatter?
Or can we really touch each other
in a kinder way?
Oh, that such a gifting, in this
country, would outweigh!! takes effort.  Great effort!  But it's not impossible. 
Can you deny yourself and be nice to someone today?  Tomorrow?  ALWAYS!

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