Friday, December 21, 2012

Jesus is why!

Christmas is so wonderful!
It is and always has been a celebration of Life!  And though some of us may take longer than others to realize that Life, it is always free and available!
Each of us has memories of Christmas.  I hope yours are as wonderful as mine!

How blessed--Life of Christmas--
and "in the spirit of..."
memories of family,
realities of love...
excitement of the season as
we celebrate His birth!
The gift of God Himself endowed
as He steps down to earth!

So many gifts beneath the tree,
wrapped with love and care.
No matter the economy
we always had our share.
So many dishes on the table,
each prepared with love...
my mom and dad are precious gifts
from Father God above!

Life of Christmas yet goes on,
though miles may exist.
Blest traditions yet--they do not
want to be remissed!
Family and faith remain
the constants of the season;
and though gifts and groups are wonderful,

Jesus is the reason!  Jesus is why we pause.  Jesus is why we give.  Jesus is why we gather.  Jesus is why we celebrate. 
Jesus is the Gift of God given to all who will accept Him.  Given to all that will not accept Him...yet!

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