Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forever Angels...

Still looking around...still numb...still no answers...
What if we find no answers until we are reunited with them?
The pain will ease...but it won't go away.
The memories will live on in our hearts and become the very strength that causes us to emerge victorious!

Our forever angels
remembered, one by one...
each a precious daughter,
each a precious son;
each beloved teacher-
a parent and a friend...
the love we have for each of them
shall never know an end!

The pain shall end, however,
and healing will take place.
The same cannot transpire
without mercy, without grace.
And THAT not of ourselves, as such
we just cannot attain!
It's in the Presence of the One
Who bore the crimson stain.
Yes, Jesus is The Healing.
In Him shall we endure.
And he contains each precious child
inside His arms secure!
We shall see them once again
and life will there go on-
we have the Promise of His Word
that we can stand upon.

Our forever angels,
we pray for them always
and for the ones who must endure
the fullness of the days.
The families and friends of them
we keep upon the heart,
and pray God's comfort as they bear
what tragedies impart.

Every one of you families are in our prayers as we go through this with you.

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

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