Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beyond "Patriotic"

God Bless America?  NO!
America Bless God!!
America--we revel in
the graces of our Lord!
Daily we to prosper in
all that His hands afford!
Christmas comes upon us and
we look for what we get,
even though our Daily Bread
abundantly is met!
"God Bless America" we sing
with arms so open wide,
but do we bless Him in return
and put ourselves aside?
How often is my focus on
how I can bless and serve?
The least that I can do for Him-
now what does HE deserve?
"America, bless God"  it is
not seasonal, you know.
But daily, indeed constantly,
our gratitude to show!
Worship Him, honor Him,
obey His Word so living;
then to come full-circle in
a season known for giving! 
"'Tis the season..."  Oh, the extremes we have taken it to!  But can we not simplify by focusing on feting Jesus with obedience?  We get gifts for everyone else!  And surely He is worthy!!  And, surely, out of that obedience will come respect and love for one another.

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