Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another beautiful day?

Somewhere, the day is going perfectly!
Somewhere, someone is saying that this is the most wonderful day of their life!
All the while, somewhere else, somewhere close, people are wailing and crying out that this is the worst day that they have ever experienced.
What do you say to those people?
What do you do for those people?
Yes, it may be a beautiful day here, but it hurts...

I pray now for each family,
does that ease the pain?
America comes to a halt,
tears of sorrow rain!
sorrow and regret...
forgiveness may indeed take place,
but how does one forget?
That so deep now rages-
where is that wrath so right?
"How can ANY good come forth?!"
Emotions now to fight!
But rage against the natural,
press on in what is 'right;'   
God contains the vengeance and
all things are in His sight!

I do not understand at all,
but I know I can pray!
And I know He will comfort them
affected by this day!
I cannot understand this deed,
but I can offer hope:
Jesus Christ has been through this
and, in Him, we can cope!

In HIM we CAN cope. 
"It hurts!" 
But Jesus is reaching out His arms.
But we will see them again!
"These are only words of a stranger miles away!!"
Oh, but the Truth of God is right there with you...along with our hearts and our prayers!

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