Saturday, December 22, 2012


Even if man ignores or attempts to ignore Him, all of creation cries out and declares that a King is born...THE King is born!
Won't you join in...

Come, ye heavens in your courses,
joy at His appearing!
Laud the One that evil forces
ever have been fearing!
No longer shall the power of sin
ravage soul and spirit!
Propitiation to begin...

Yea, come forth a royal One
conceived of Him Divine;
prophetic, so, in lineage unto
David's royal line!
Jehovah God Almighty in
the form of lowly man,
here but temporarily
to propagate a Plan.

Oh, the love and charity
this Babe to represent!
How can even Heaven know
the blessing to repent?!
Exclusive unto sinful man,
the Father's perfect love-
exemplified in Christ alone,
come down from up above!

Oh, the love.  Oh, The Love!  Jesus is love come down.  Jesus is God come down in the flesh to associate with us!


Watching people...watching TV...watching life...
The ancient struggle persists: good vs. evil.
It takes effort, but

How much kindness can be done
in spite of what goes on?
Is charity now obsolete?
Is goodness now long gone?
How many lives can be affected
for the greater good?
How any can be helped today?

These issues should not be at all!
We MUST help one another!
So many ways of crying out
has him known as my brother.
You may not even call me 'friend,'
but your love I still need.
Look far beyond your fears and notice
all the ways I plead.
Tomorrow I might make the news-
what will you do today?
Will you prevent statistics with
the things you do and say?

How much kindness can be done?
Will it even matter?
Is the poet rambling?

Is this mindless chatter?
Or can we really touch each other
in a kinder way?
Oh, that such a gifting, in this
country, would outweigh!! takes effort.  Great effort!  But it's not impossible. 
Can you deny yourself and be nice to someone today?  Tomorrow?  ALWAYS!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jesus is why!

Christmas is so wonderful!
It is and always has been a celebration of Life!  And though some of us may take longer than others to realize that Life, it is always free and available!
Each of us has memories of Christmas.  I hope yours are as wonderful as mine!

How blessed--Life of Christmas--
and "in the spirit of..."
memories of family,
realities of love...
excitement of the season as
we celebrate His birth!
The gift of God Himself endowed
as He steps down to earth!

So many gifts beneath the tree,
wrapped with love and care.
No matter the economy
we always had our share.
So many dishes on the table,
each prepared with love...
my mom and dad are precious gifts
from Father God above!

Life of Christmas yet goes on,
though miles may exist.
Blest traditions yet--they do not
want to be remissed!
Family and faith remain
the constants of the season;
and though gifts and groups are wonderful,

Jesus is the reason!  Jesus is why we pause.  Jesus is why we give.  Jesus is why we gather.  Jesus is why we celebrate. 
Jesus is the Gift of God given to all who will accept Him.  Given to all that will not accept Him...yet!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forever Angels...

Still looking around...still numb...still no answers...
What if we find no answers until we are reunited with them?
The pain will ease...but it won't go away.
The memories will live on in our hearts and become the very strength that causes us to emerge victorious!

Our forever angels
remembered, one by one...
each a precious daughter,
each a precious son;
each beloved teacher-
a parent and a friend...
the love we have for each of them
shall never know an end!

The pain shall end, however,
and healing will take place.
The same cannot transpire
without mercy, without grace.
And THAT not of ourselves, as such
we just cannot attain!
It's in the Presence of the One
Who bore the crimson stain.
Yes, Jesus is The Healing.
In Him shall we endure.
And he contains each precious child
inside His arms secure!
We shall see them once again
and life will there go on-
we have the Promise of His Word
that we can stand upon.

Our forever angels,
we pray for them always
and for the ones who must endure
the fullness of the days.
The families and friends of them
we keep upon the heart,
and pray God's comfort as they bear
what tragedies impart.

Every one of you families are in our prayers as we go through this with you.

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

One King

They had been waiting for a king, not a King...

One King to serve the ones that other
kings have spit upon...
One King to go where other kings
had dare not EVER gone!
One King to minister in ways
no earthly kings are able...
One King--from Heaven unto man
lying in a stable.

Royalty appearing in
the lowliest of state;
the very same, for purpose unto
man for to relate!
Other royalty to come
with gifts to venerate!
Even hosts angelic bring
a song to celebrate!

One king alone to satisfy
so many centuries!
Jesus come due love alone,
and for "the least of these!"
Jesus come, so personal-
oh, know Him as your own:
King of heart and soul and mind,
the Truth of Christmas shown!

Are you in need of a king in your life? 
Why not take The King of everything as your personal Savior?
The greatest gift of all this Christmas is Christmas Himself!  Know Him deeply and personally!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beyond "Patriotic"

God Bless America?  NO!
America Bless God!!
America--we revel in
the graces of our Lord!
Daily we to prosper in
all that His hands afford!
Christmas comes upon us and
we look for what we get,
even though our Daily Bread
abundantly is met!
"God Bless America" we sing
with arms so open wide,
but do we bless Him in return
and put ourselves aside?
How often is my focus on
how I can bless and serve?
The least that I can do for Him-
now what does HE deserve?
"America, bless God"  it is
not seasonal, you know.
But daily, indeed constantly,
our gratitude to show!
Worship Him, honor Him,
obey His Word so living;
then to come full-circle in
a season known for giving! 
"'Tis the season..."  Oh, the extremes we have taken it to!  But can we not simplify by focusing on feting Jesus with obedience?  We get gifts for everyone else!  And surely He is worthy!!  And, surely, out of that obedience will come respect and love for one another.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life of Christmas!

Christmas means so much to so many. 
That said, the meaning itself is so diverse!
One thing, though, remains and MUST remain central:

Life of Christmas...oh, the wonder:
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
Your love I do not have to shop for
and I CAN afford!
Your love, for it will be with me
when "season" is long gone;
Your Presence--it is more than "presents"
on and on and on!

Life of Christmas, we adore You,
glory, laud and praise!
We celebrate You, Jesus Christ,
Your anthem we raise!
Gift of God, we magnify You,
YOU and not another!
You complete us, You are ever
closer than a brother!

Life of Christmas--oh the Lifeblood
unto one and all.
Lord, we come unto You only,
at Your feet we fall.
Nothing may we bring to You
save praise and adoration;
Jesus, Jesus, Life of Christmas--
o the celebration!

Jesus, Jesus...He IS Christmas!  No matter what the world tries to sell, Jesus is STILL the reason for the season...and beyond!
Praise Him this Christmas...and always.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another beautiful day?

Somewhere, the day is going perfectly!
Somewhere, someone is saying that this is the most wonderful day of their life!
All the while, somewhere else, somewhere close, people are wailing and crying out that this is the worst day that they have ever experienced.
What do you say to those people?
What do you do for those people?
Yes, it may be a beautiful day here, but it hurts...

I pray now for each family,
does that ease the pain?
America comes to a halt,
tears of sorrow rain!
sorrow and regret...
forgiveness may indeed take place,
but how does one forget?
That so deep now rages-
where is that wrath so right?
"How can ANY good come forth?!"
Emotions now to fight!
But rage against the natural,
press on in what is 'right;'   
God contains the vengeance and
all things are in His sight!

I do not understand at all,
but I know I can pray!
And I know He will comfort them
affected by this day!
I cannot understand this deed,
but I can offer hope:
Jesus Christ has been through this
and, in Him, we can cope!

In HIM we CAN cope. 
"It hurts!" 
But Jesus is reaching out His arms.
But we will see them again!
"These are only words of a stranger miles away!!"
Oh, but the Truth of God is right there with you...along with our hearts and our prayers!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Glorious, the morning,
the beginning of the day!
Beautiful, the present Lord-
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Both so very real.
See them, hear them, feel...
so beautiful, so glorious they are!

"Oh Lord, how wonderful it is
to join You in the morn!
In You is the reality
of the early-born.
In You is ALL reality
and newer every day!
In You, but I am born again
and I will firmly stay!

The glory of Your Majesty...
the glory of the day...
the glory of YOU in my life
forever, Lord, to stay!"

Can you rise in the morning and declare that?  There is so much out in the world just waiting to stop you from such a declaration.  Don't let it!  "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!"


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, What Gift!!

Hmm...what shall I buy for _________?
How much shall I send to __________?
Isn't there something I can give that will please_______?

What a miracle...what a gift...
what a hope, so blest:
Jesus Christ is life to them
that have, His Name, confessed!
Lowly in a manger come,
but now, to reign supreme!
"Them that believe in such a tale?"
Oh yea, we be extreme!!

What a miracle...what a gift!
Jesus...King of kings!
As He be King within, what wonder
into life He brings!
Healing of the body and
redemption of the soul!
Life itself become brand new--
oh give to Him control!

What a miracle..what a gift:
Jesus Christ the Lord!
And for longer than a season
must He be adored!
He is worthy of attention
each and every day!
Give Jesus Christ your all!  He is
The Truth, The Life, The Way!!

What kind of 'presents' are you looking for this year?
Should we not be seeking "Presence" instead?  The gift of Jesus will last far longer than a  season.  Jesus is eternal!  And with Him in your heart, you will live eternally with Him!
Don't let this world or anything in it embezzle you out of a relationship with Jesus!

Friday, December 7, 2012


It's another Christmas.  Another 'holiday' season.  Different?  Oh yea, it's different! 

Deck the halls, the halls that are
much colder than the last-
I find myself still shocked to know
the power of the blast!
That which was, the 'normal' that
so many come to know,
no longer is the normal as
I try to dodge the snow!
I never knew the 'system' was
so vast and varied here.
That there were even such as these
to me was always clear.
I dodged them every day as I
went to and from the job;
now I am one of 'them' that I
saw no more than a 'slob.'

"Happy Holidays" are what
you make of them, I guess.
How can any be so happy
here in such a 'mess?'
By doing what we can while hoping
for a hand somewhere,
a 'hand-up' from someone like you
reminding us you care.
The street was my avoidance,
but now it's my abode.
Last year I had an office,
relishing the load!
Savor what you have, my friend,
as long as it will last;
and look not down on anyone
regardless of their caste!

Oh, how quickly times change...situations change...environs change.  If you are so blessed that the afore-written is foreign, enjoy it!  But don't lose sight of the fact that the less fortunate are just as human and real as you are, no matter what lengths you go through to avoid them.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real Christmas

Be still and know the freedom...
be quiet, know His voice;
In God above is liberty-
rejoice!  REJOICE!  REJOICE!!
So many are the parables,
so limited, the Truth;
so real is Almighty God
in glory, freedom, ruth!
But in the stillness know Him
and He will know you there.
None to fathom His attendance
unto each so rare!
He there awaits already,
will you go to that place?
It is the very perfect rest
from the constant race!
Yes, in Him, is that freedom
on which no thing depends.
He will contain it in that day
when everything else ends.
It is in the Blood He shed
applied unto the heart-
to know that precious freedom,
in Him, you must take part!

In Him you MUST take part...or you will be bound forever.
Jesus is so real and good and wonderful and kind and loving and...  and the poet can never run out of good things to say about Him, but unless you ask Him to be your Savior, they are only words.
Won't you invite Him into your heart today?  That's what Christmas really is.  That's what it is supposed to be!