Friday, November 9, 2012

What a life!!

"What kind of life is this?!"
Have you ever said that?  Have you ever heard that said before?  Have you ever wanted to really let them know what kind of life it is?  You are commanded to.  WE are commanded to!

"Because You are so holy,
because You are the King,
I'll worship You forever,
eternally to sing!

Jesus, You are beautiful,
oh how can poet say?!
I will glorify Your Name
beyond the final day!
"Jesus, You are wonderful!"
all living to declare!
the cause for our creation is
to praise You everywhere!

Because You are so loving,
because You are so kind,
Heaven and its paradise
surely I will find!
But for now to find Your love so real,
escorting me always
and causing there to be a song
of never-ending praise!

Jesus, You are beautiful-
but how can ANY say?!
Save to live a life of worship
each and every day!"

And I will live that life! 
Jesus Christ is THE beauty of this life!  Are you living Him?
I did not say that this life is always beautiful, but that life inside can make beauty be with you always.

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