Thursday, November 1, 2012

What happened?!

In "just looking around," so many other things come to light.
I was with my wife yesterday, 'just looking around,' and realized that

Somehow, I became my dad,
when did that occur?
My hair turned gray and then turned loose,
my eyes grew dim and...there we were!
We do those things my parents did
we thought were so 'uncool:'
I help you drive wherever we go,
and you wipe off my drool.

And you became my mother-
that woman I adore;
'desire' becomes 'need-' I've yet
such admiration for!
The 'duties' of a wife aside,
'caretaker' you've become.
Your worth--it's yet impossible
for me to know the sum!

And we've become each other-
taking on each others' traits.
You've been right here beside me
in plenty and in straits!
And once again, as always,
here we are, still side-by-side;
we are what God has purposed and
it has been quite a ride!

And it's not over.  31 years together.  How many more?  Only God knows, but I will be right here with Debby Busby--enjoying, loving, learning, growing even yet.
It is my prayer that each of you can have such a wonderful relationship with the one you love!

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