Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vicki's dilemma

A letter in the mail.  A few phone calls.  Life must change...

Once again, happenings...
too early?  Too late?
Things that great and mighty God
could only orchestrate.
Events that no man could have seen
must be decided on--
but since we serve an awesome God
stress is already gone!

Already is an answer,
already is a way,
already is there peace about
all that went on today!
And even that as yet unknown
is fully known to God!
He is in complete control,
and His ways we applaud!

Happenings are happening
and they will yet go on
until He bids them 'settle!' and
this world is long gone!
But until then He stays in charge
and our trust must belong
unto the Father, Spirit, Son--
they never will be wrong!

There she goes again...blindly trusting...boldly trusting.
Here we go again, observing, advising when she asks.
"Thank You, Lord, for being in control of our lives!"

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