Friday, November 9, 2012


Look!  Over there...

In the mirror is infinity:
mountains...aspens...skies and clouds to see!
"How far is forever?" cries the pen!
Will e'er it be contained by mortal men?

Not a ripple to be on the mirror.
The spectacle of image--none be sheerer!
Creation cries regarding the Creator
"He is God!  There is not any greater!"

Savor such an image for so long?
But He is God and greater comes along!
Constantly is grace applied to living.
Live always in the grace that He is giving!

Live always in the grace of God.  Life will never be the same.
If you try to keep track of what He does, He will just do more and better and you will get lost in His creation!  That's how much He loves us!
On the other hand, never forget or take for granted what He does, especially the simple things.  That's even more dangerous ground!

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