Saturday, November 3, 2012


"The glory and the honor,
the accolades and fame,
in everything I do and say
may ALL go to Your Name!
For You are worthy of it all,
to You alone is due!
Any goodness come of me,
but surely it is You!
For I can just assemble words,
but You cause poetry!
I may arrange the lines that are,
but in You verses be!
I may fill out an empty page,
but You anoint the same
causing it to minister
and magnify Your Name!

Not for anything that I
may brag about or boast,
but God, see to it that You would
receive the very most!
Hide me behind the message that
the verses will possess;
Your glory and Your honor, Lord,
seek only I to bless!"

So is the prayer of this man: that in all that I may do or say, Jesus Christ be exalted!
For I cannot write anything without the talents that He has given me.  I know that He
has given you some, too!

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