Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful again

Debby reminded me.  My sister has been gone for 12 years.
How appropriate: Thanksgiving comes around the same time.
Why 'appropriate?'  Because I am thankful so upon every thought of her!

"I cannot 'touch' you anymore,
but I can surely 'feel!'
Though you left years ago, but you
continue to reveal.
In the whispers, in the visions,
in your visits real
you bring to surface oh so much
we may seek to reveal.
All the emotions that exist
as you exist in us...
all of the memories alive-
the laughter and the cuss!
All the talents that you are...
the labors of your hand...
all of this and so much more
but still we understand.

Oh, the memories alive
but I CAN touch, for sure!
And, through reflection, your own touch,
but surely to endure!
We WILL see you later!  Only
Jesus knows just when;
but we will surely live with you
in spirit until then!"

Those of you that have lost one that is so loved surely understand these words.
I pray that your days are just as precious as you cling to the promise that we shall be together again soon!

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