Friday, November 9, 2012

My words?

We are to give God our very best.
I did not say "We are to to strive to give God something better than what 'that guy' is giving Him."
God knows the heart and what comes out of it.

With eloquence of speech to reach the heavens?
With great vocabulary to connect?
For He is worthy of the finest verses,
but it's the heart that He would most respect!
For language--it can be manipulated;
words--for they can say most anything;
but with the heart all truth, it is revealed,
and to no guile is the heart to cling!

For God, He loves the praises of His people.
In the very same is He to dwell.
No matter be the 'quality' of verbiage,
when it is from the heart the Lord can tell.
Sure, there are some verses come from 'masters,'
but God receives the words of everyone!
Speak to Him in honesty and reverence
and He will receive you as a son!

As someone with a lot of words, I must be careful to give Him what is genuine and true, not necessarily what is 'better,' or what may be 'impressive' to someone.
I hope you feel the same.

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