Saturday, November 3, 2012

Morning person

Early, early morning,
shadows-they are long.
Before much living is begun,
so glorious the song!
"BUT LIVING IS!!" cries out the land
unto the flowing pen;
and proof, it is availed to
the fortunate of men:
proven in the constant song
of those upon the wing-
from the branches so alive
they prosper and they sing!
Proven in the living trees
that offer them retreat-
they lift their arms in praise to God
Who has their lives replete!
Proven, yes, in all creation
to the ones that see:
the Spirit-led are privy to
His living constantly!

Yes, early, early morning, one more
day that He has made.
He is indwelt as living sings
to Him its accolade!
Hear creation crying out
in songs of adoration
as morning in its majesty
arrives with jubilation!

Morning person?  Ya think?! 
Whatever your time of day is, Creator God is present and visible!
Make sure He receives the honor due Him alone!

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