Friday, November 9, 2012

In the morning...

I can hear some of you now:  "Yikes!  Here we go again!"

In the morning when I rise
I look out across the skies-
glory to reveal to me
the type of day that it will be.

At the starting of the day
I behold His grand display;
in the glory of the land
I see, so evident, His hand.

In the day with all its grace
I look full into Father's face
and know that He is in control;
in the morning, I am whole.

In the morning...
Do you rise and dread the tasks ahead?
Do you roll over and cover your head for as long as you can?
I challenge you to rise and behold the land as it rejoices in the reality of God's touch upon it!
Rise up and join that celebration before you do anything else!  He is worthy of your first-fruits!  In that celebration, present to Him all of those things that are on your schedule.  He wants to escort you and help you through them!
Yes, He IS that real!

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